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  Self Portrait.

  My paintings are predominately portraits, which have become my passion.  My intention is   to capture the beauty, the innocence and honesty, that lies just below the surface. My   desire is for the viewer to have a connection, an emotional response, whatever it may     be, with my paintings. 
 Fortunate to have traveled to many geographical locations, I have experienced the beautiful   landscapes and diverse characteristics of the local people. The many photos  and memories     I have aid in my rendering of new paintings.

Exhibition:  Federation of Canadian Artists {online Exhibition}

                 S.Surrey, White Rock Art Society {online exhibition}

                 Turnball Gallery

                 Fort Langley Art Exhibition

                 Surrey Arts Center

                 White Rock Museum

                 Arnold Mikelson Festival of the Arts

                 Mind and Matter Gallery

                 Arts Alive Langley

                 Pacific Coast Artist Exhibition

                 IAD International Artist Day

                 Long House Gallery

                 Gallery 1710

Awards:     Peoples Choice Award, First Second and Third Awards.

Articles:      Peace Arch News, Arts and Entertainment featuring ' A Special Bundle,' "a dramatic painting of a mother                     and child."


                 Langley Advance, front page, Flamenco dancer. 'The Gypsy Dancer'

Charity:      Rotary Club of White Rock, and Big Brother gala event.

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