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Self Portrait

Portraiture is my passion, painting children is my joy. They possess a pure, and natural innocence. Often, their gaze can be very telling, whether it is sadness, apprehension or joy. For example, the little girl in the first painting below, 'Grandma and I, The Jingle Dance', appears to be sleepy and finds it difficult to stay alert. In the second painting, 'The One Chosen", the young girl is apprehensive about her performance she knows how important it is to make a good impression.The challenge and interest is to, not only paint an accurate portrayal, but also to capture their personality, their nuances, and emotion. The quote,"the eyes are a window to the soul", is quite accurate in both these paintings.
Although I have dabbled in a few mediums, oil paint is my preference. It can be an impasto technique, a butter- like quality, leaving the brushstroke visible or with transparent oil, a layering effect of pure color from a near black to a luminous quality, can result in a vibrant painting.
My enjoyment is to observe how the colors dance and interact as the painting is evolving. When I connect with my subject, I immerse myself into the painting. I become part of, and breathe life into my creation. It is what they call being," in the flow". 
Painting is a journey, always challenging, always discovering.
My goal and satisfaction is for the observer to experience an emotional connection, as I do ,whatever it may be.
First Jingle Dance with Grandma
The One Chosen
The One Chosen

Zaya, Blessed with Hope and Faith.jpg

Zaya, of Faith and Hope

Eagle Huntress 

 Aishoplan Nurgaiv is a 13 year old Kazakh, nomad girl.

As I watched the documentary I found the bond Aishoplan and her father shared was beautiful and touching.

My immediate desire was to capture her expression of innocence, pride, beauty, her trust and determination, on canvas.

The narrative of Aishoplan and her father stayed prominent as I painted her and her companion the Golden Eagle.

IMG_0314Pink Elegance.jpg
Pink Elegance 

Available through the Federation Gallery-

Pretty In Pink

Available through the Federation

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